Who We Are

We’re one of (if not the) oldest independent playwrights workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve been in existence for over twenty years.

The workshop is based on a model developed by Jeffrey Hatcher. Each playwright brings in a maximum of ten pages/ten minutes of material being developed. Actors read the pages cold. Feedback is given after each set of pages. When a playwright needs to hear the entire play, we will set aside a Monday to hear it. It’s a fantastic, bare bones way to hear how our plays are coming along.

We are venturing out publicly, for the first time as a group, via our series at The Marsh Theatre. This is not the same as being seen together publicly while drinking or eating.

Former group members include founders Will Dunne and Lynn Snyder. Other playwright members have included J.D. Eames and the late Dean Goodman.

Actors have included Kitty Newman, who claimed to be 3,000 years old before she passed away Nov ‘06 , was also a beloved, constant member of our troupe. In the summer of 2007, we lost another beloved member of our great acting troupe, Priscilla Alden.

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