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WANTED: Six finalists for The Position. Must be willing to relinquish clothing and identity, be recorded around the clock, and engage in dangerous psychological games. Survival not guaranteed.

So exactly what is The Position? It’s not just a job; in a world ravaged by 80% unemployment and mass social chaos, The Position represents security and fulfillment. The Concern has selected six finalists from more than half-a-million job applicants, flown them to a remote compound, and provided them with every luxury and diversion—including golf, paragliding and skeet shooting. When they arrive, the six candidates are stripped of their clothing and identities, informed that the laws of The Nation have been suspended and that they will be recorded around the clock while they compete for the one job that they believe can give them hope in a hopeless world.

World Premiere:
The Position by William Bivins

When: February 4 – 28, 2010
Where: Studio250 @ Off-Market, 965 Mission St.
Tickets: $20
Get a $5 ticket discount when you Apply for The Position.

Directed by Christy Crowley.

Featuring Kate Jones, Asher Lyons, Gabrielle Patacsil, Eric Reid, Dan Williams and Laura Zimmerman.

Produced by Piano Flight Productions.