Bivins’ Gentleman of Leisure

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<em>Wanna be a pimp or a whore?</em> <br /> Gentleman of Leisure <br />by William Bivins

Wanna be a pimp or a whore?
Gentleman of Leisure
by William Bivins

Gentleman of Leisure
A one-act play by William Bivins
Directed by Christy Crowley

An entry in PianoFight’s
ShortLived 2.0 competition
Apr. 3, 4, 10, 11
Off-Market Theatre

965 Mission St, #250 (bt. 5th & 6th)
San Francisco

For tickets: Get ’em before they sell out!

This is an audience voting competition, sort of a theatrical “Survivor.” The first two weekends is Round One of six rounds. The top four plays out of eight continue to the next round, and so on, until the championship weekend. The writer of the winning play gets an opportunity to write a full-act for a month-long run produced by PianoFight. So please come and VOTE!  For more info on the competition, click here.