Magic Reading of Rutherford’s Walls of Glass

News, Rutherford

San Francisco’s MAGIC THEATRE will perform a staged reading of WALLS OF GLASS, by Stanley Rutherford.

The date: Monday, April 9th
The time: 7:00 p.m.
The place: Magic Theatre, which is located in Building D, at Fort Mason (across from the Marina Safeway) in San Francisco. (More info later.)

Glass-walled, floor-through condominium on the 29th floor of a just-built 50-floor building located in what sounds a lot like Manhattan. 50ish couple, Alexa and Raul, move in with the interior still bare, and begin to figure out how to build it out. They engage a couple of designers (Mario and Serena, young and attractive), and a “space therapist” (Dr. Bentwood, very demented). The action follows the emotional convolutions of Raul and Alexa’s relationship, the marriage-threatening anxiety of creating their “dream space,” their sexually-charged tango with Serena and Mario, and the stresses and spiritual confusion of a voyeuristic, exhibitionistic life behind the walls of glass of a post-9/11 world.

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