The Holiday Plays

Brady, Carter, Eames, Kreitman, News, Robinson, Rutherford

Tired, weary and leery of Holiday themed performances? Exercise your sense of humor, challenge your mind and refresh your spirit.Meet Kris Kringle’s parents, Edith and Don. Ride a dark train into the past of a fading Hollywood legend. Take a long walk on a bridge. Come and experience the life that simmers just below all that holiday tinsel…

Lee Brady, Jeff Carter, J.D. Eames,
Margery Kreitman, John Robinson
Stanley Rutherford

Directed by
Jeff Carter, John Robinson and Fred Hartman

Read by:
Priscilla Alden*, Susan Allen, Jeff Carter, Don Cross*, Russ Davison,
Marion Dunham, Paul Gerrior, Dana Kelly*,
Carole Landes, Deborah Lynne Lombardo, and Robin Schild.
*Courtesy of Actors Equity

Tues, Dec. 12th, 8:00PM
The Marsh
1062 Valencia Street (between 21st and 22nd)
San Francisco

Five dollar donation requested – no reservations.

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