The Robinson Effect at The Marsh

News, Robinson

by John Robinson

An Evening of Six, Short, Strange Plays presented ‘Script in Hand’
Directed by: Fred Hartman

Performed by:
Cathay Gunn, Dana Kelly*, Jude Haukom, Kelsey Robinson,
Marion Dunham, Paul Guerrior and Robin Schild

Tuesday, October 17th 8:00pm
The Marsh Theatre
1062 Valencia St, San Francisco
Five-dollar donation. No reservations.

On My Mind
The mind’s preoccupation with unattainable love disturbs the pleasure of morning coffee.

The Hominid Project
An engaged couple must deal with a shared secret that could ruin their marriage plans

A tourist headed east finds himself in a forgotten mountain village.

The Artifact
The museum management is surprised by an unexpected exhibit.

Pirates of San Francisco
Two part time teachers help a lost man find his way home.

The Magic Theater
A drama lover returns to his beloved San Francisco to search for his favorite theatre. But, alas, it is defunct. Or is it?

*Courtesy of Actor’s Equity

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