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Dennis F. McIntyre

Dennis F. McIntyre

Although born in Boston, Dennis grew up just north of Manhattan. He had the vast good fortune to see first run My Fair Lady, Camelot, Oliver, A Man for All Seasons, and other classics, courtesy of his mother, an Honors English teacher whose idea of a field trip was to bus her class into Broadway for a matinee. Dennis and his brothers would be “excused” from Parochial School to join her and her teenaged charges for an afternoon on the town.

Aside from the recitals which invariably accompanied his best-forgotten violin lessons, his earliest public performances were those of an altar boy, back when Latin was still the order of the day and most of the “performance” was done with one’s back to the audience. High School brought him the opportunity to play the the smallest speaking role (two words) in Pajama Game and appear as the “Attendant to Senor Chapuys, the Spanish Ambassador” in the above-mentioned A Man For All Seasons. He recalls getting laughs in that role but has no idea why. 1965 was a long time ago.

In the early Eighties he resumed his acting career in San Francisco, with a brief run during what turned out to be the final season of the late, lamented One Act Theatre Co. The following decades have seen him appear in shows ranging from the cult-classic, Coed Prison Sluts to Fugard’s Road to Mecca. He is a proud member of AFTRA and the Screen Actors Guild, and has many people to thank for their inexplicable and long-suffering support. They know who they are. And they have his everlasting gratitude.

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